access the energy of your heart

A Rest and Rose Quartz session is a restful retreat for the mind in the inner sanctuary of the heart. It's time to tune into the body's wisdom and tap into your intuition. It's time to reconnect to your essential nature, your highest Self. At its core, it is time devoted solely and wholly to witnessing you. 

Imagine treating yourself to a spiritual spa package. We'll work together to untangle and recondition your subconscious mind. Because these sessions are heart-centered, we'll comb through and nourish layers much deeper than that. We'll also braid in various healing techniques to help you get crystal clear about and accomplish your wellness goals.

The heart-mind connection leads us to the root of what is most beneficial to address. Feeling from the heart allows us to soothe and skirt the ego.

Your bespoke session is designed with you in mind (and on my heart). All sessions integrate ancient yogic teachings and hypnotic meditations. Additionally, they are infused with Reiki and rose quartz energy. 

Sessions are simple, easeful, peaceful, useful, and blissful.

These healing arts are natural, safe, and effective. Many issues, from smoking cessation and self-confidence to overcoming fears and emotional release, can be resolved in an average of six to twelve sessions, and results are often reported after the first one.

I specialize in helping women, and sessions commonly address:

Self-love, forgiveness, prosperity, motivation, and anxiety-relief.

I also offer sessions surrounding fertility and childbirth, menopause, and unlocking the divine feminine power within. 


What to Expect

You are a luminous being, and we will honor where you are now.


First, we'll have a heart-to-heart, conscious discussion about your intention and goals. It's like a conversation with a friend over a cup of tea. (Feel free to sip your favorite blend during this chat.)  It's like taking a nonjudgmental, loving look in the cosmic mirror of your soul and beholding the highlights, blushes and shadows that you're ready to see. 

As the session progresses, you will shift your perception from the mind to the heart. You are invited to gently touch your heart center. You can do this with a single open palm or bring your hands together into a prayer mudra or like a lotus flower.

You will then be guided through a complete Yoga Nidra practice, based on the teachings of Integral Yoga. This gentle technique helps calm the mind and reduce stress. You will intentionally, with awareness, progress through the five levels of being (the koshas), starting with the physical, then the pranic, and so on until linear thinking can be surrendered. Embrace the stillness. 

Then we'll utilize the meditative state to tap into the inner mind. By combining a series of hypnosis styles and drawing upon various modalities, including but not limited to Neuro-Linguistic Programming and chakra balancing as well as sound and color therapy, healthy shifts in the mind, body, and soul are encouraged.

You'll comfort and console your inner child. You're given permission to play in enchanted forests, unlock secret gardens, stroll along serene seashores and reach magical mountaintops of the mind. All the while, you'll rest in the safe, grounded, and expansive space of the heart.

Since the breath is the link between the body and mind, your session will include a pranayama (yogic breathing) practice. Breathwork, like hypnosis, gently promotes the release of limiting beliefs and unhealthy emotions. 

Reiki energy is flowing throughout the session. It helps balance and open the flow of chi, while working on multidimensional levels. It also assists the energetic healing of DNA. Reiki works outside of space and time. Depending upon your level of sensitivity, you might see colors and/or feel tingling sensations. 

All of these techniques combined aid in cleansing emotional stagnancy, long-held traumas, and toxicity of the body. Along with recovery from addictive behaviors, renewed energy, reduced stress, and resilience are benefits that have been reported. You may feel clearer physically, emotionally, and spiritually as well.

If you fall asleep, rest assured that your subconscious mind will hear everything. Plus, you can request an MP3 recording of the session, so you can listen to it over and over. I encourage you play it nightly before bedtime for least 21 days.

Please note, a recording of the session is not included. Recordings are only provided upon request and cost $111. Custom recordings, which are written just for you and recorded outside of the session, can also be purchased for an additional $222 per custom recording. 

In many ways, a session reaffirms what you already know. After all, we are all part of the one, universal mind that knows everything there is to know. 

Sessions are approximately forty-five minutes, and they are held online via Skype audio. (I've found that people are able to go into trance faster when they're in the comfort of their own homes.) Arrangements to have a session over the phone can be made; however, standard fees apply. 

Appointments are limited, so I encourage you to apply now.

Please only apply if you are committed to investing in yourself and determined to accomplish your goals.

Single session: $333


package of 3 sessions: $888

or $296 per session


package of six sessions: $1,710

or $285 per session


The application is confidential and designed to help you gain clarity. You will be contacted within three business days to schedule your session, if your application is approved.


10% of proceeds are donated to charitable organizations.

plus, a tree is planted for every purchase.