Warm Words


My experience learning Yoga Nidra with Jayanti has been wonderful. She holds a comfortable and nurturing space to be fully aware of the relationship between body and mind. Her presence is gentle and kind and her instruction is clear and supportive. This style of yoga is fully integrated, with focus on breath work, meditation and supportive physical poses that enhance the mind body connection. Jayanti is an incredible guide and teacher. She offers support through the poses and gentle reminders to focus on breath work and the meditative quality of the practice. Personally, I struggle with sleep issues and this particular style of yoga is a wonderful remedy. After our sessions, I feel calm and peaceful and I am able to have a deep and high quality sleep. I am able to feel more present in my mind and physical body. She is a true gem and I can’t recommend her services enough. I am so grateful for her and she is such an important part of my yoga journey.


I felt extremely relaxed during the session and can definitely echo the watery, flowing feeling of the whole experience. Almost immediately into the session, I received a soft but clear 'instruction' via claircognizance to treat the experience like I was receiving a 'relaxation massage in my energy body (prana maya kosha)'. I felt feathery and flowing tingles in my face first (especially my lips and cheeks), and gradually, the sensations moved down my entire body to massage the meridians and the central chakric column. The sensations were distinct and very pleasant. It was almost like I was at an energy spa and receiving a treatment directly from faeries.

(I don't actually normally resonate too much with faeries, but throughout this session, it really felt like faeries were working diligently on my energy body. For a moment, I tried to imagine the sensations coming from angels, but I was immediately corrected, like 'No, we are faeries!', hahaha! It felt like they were kissing my lips and drawing out toxins and poisons from my head space first and then the rest of my body second.)

I felt nourished and 'mothered' throughout the session and afterwards as well. I'm not sure what time it was, but I felt a soft departure in the energies at some point and intuitively sat up in bed to anchor everything that had transpired into my cells. I sat in Butterfly Pose (I think that's what it's called?) and surrounded myself with a Mer Ka Ba of red, violet, and white light. When it felt like everything had been integrated, I laid back down and fell asleep. :)

Thank you again for sharing your insights with me and for offering this energy work on my behalf. I appreciate it deeply, and my heart feels enriched from the entire experience.


My darling, you are brilliant. Thank you for the fantastic hypnosis session. It was lovely to share our worlds again.


Oh my! I don't know how but you have transformed my energy! I feel lighter, brighter, more energetic and optimistic. Full of life and light and even my husband was a better version of himself this morning. I feel calm, resolved and energised! Thank you so much for the healing session. I am so grateful.




You are dead on!! I feel tingly all over and my breathing is better. I feel more open to receive. I'll keep you posted-thank you!!


As a natural skeptic, I doubted this would work. Crystals? From a distance? Come on! But it did and I feel more relaxed and focused because of it. I had a headache before that completely went away. My dog was with me and she seemed to enjoy it too. She was curious, calm and cuddled up next to me. The experience was weird in a good way. Thank you!


You are a talented hypnotist and reiki practitioner. Each time I am in the chair or on the table, I know I am in good hands. In fact, I feel a deep sense of peace wash over me whenever you activate your hands. Within 15 or 20 minutes, my migraines disappear. Even from a distance!


That was lovely. Your personality - kindness, compassion, consideration, just general goodness - comes through in the way you teach. The teachings just radiate through you and create such a pleasant atmosphere in the room. All could feel it. Very meditative. Very selfless, all bhakti. How I will look forward to taking your classes! You have such a bright, beautiful light, and I don't think you even realize it. This is your dharma. 



How soothing, thank you! This was my very first reiki session. I feel much more relaxed. I saw various colors at different times, which was really cool. That night I slept the best I have in a while. I'm ready for more reiki!



Wow is all I can say. It looks like you have found your path because you truly have a knack for this. I have never felt this relaxed after a yoga class. You have a gift. Keep on sharing it, girl! 


My partner and I have been taking a yoga class every week. When we first started, THIS is what we had in mind. You're offering the real deal. Thank you.


Woah! I fell asleep and just woke up. I felt so relaxed. Not sure if it means anything but I started out by meditating on my back and at some point laid down on my left side and fell asleep. I don't usually do naps nor did I feel so tired that I needed one. Maybe I did but didn't realize. Whatever it is, I feel great right now. Thank you so so so much!


Planning a wedding while working a full-time job is stressful. That's why I decided to try yoga in the first place. I look forward to class with you every week! I've shared some of what I've learned, like the alternate nostril breathing, with my coworkers and we practice in the office. It's definitely helping! Thank you!


You my dear are a powerful soul with a lot of magic to share with us.